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2023 Legal Geography Curated Track

AAG Annual Meeting, Denver

Please join us for a series of LSGS-sponsored sessions to be held at the 2023 AAG! 

Previous events: 

We host an annual "Graduate Voices in the Lawscape" Session at the Annual Meeting of the AAG. Please contact us if you are interested in joining future sessions. 

Participants and organizers in the 2019 AAG "Graduate Voices in the Lawscape" Student Paper Session. Please join us for future AAG events, paper sessions, and workshops! 

Winter 2021: Legal Geography Virtual Student Workshop!

Organized by student members of the AAG Legal Geography Specialty Group 

About the Workshop

We welcome current graduate students to join us for an informal workshop, to be held virtually in winter 2020/21. We aim to discuss our struggles and successes in navigating work during the pandemic, including methodological issues. This session will create a space for peer-to-peer feedback on points of tension, practical and theoretical ideas in process, and/or written material, but there is no obligation to bring or produce any particular work to the table to join this workshop (though you are welcome to bring particular work, whether for a conference, your proposal or dissertation, or anything else). 

We welcome all scholarly orientations, including those in flux, as long as they include a legal aspect. We welcome students from and currently in all regions of the world (we’ll figure out time zones!). This will be, first and foremost, a friendly, constructive, and inclusive gathering that emphasizes supporting each other during challenging times. Please note that a current AAG membership or conference registration is not required for this event, though AAG members and participants in our AAG student paper session are very welcome.  

About Legal Geography

Legal geography explores the practice and conceptualization of the law in and via place and space, examining the relationship between law and the changing spatial, social, and environmental conditions that create and contribute to our understanding of the world(s) we inhabit. We study a wide range of topics, including (im)migration and displacement, environmental justice, property and resource management, the administration of law, law and urban spaces, and much more. 

About the Organizers

Sarah Klosterkamp is a feminist political and legal geographer at the University of Bonn, Germany. Her research examines gendered biases and orientalist assumptions enacted through legal institutions and spaces, such as courtrooms. Her dissertation centers on German anti-terrorism trials in the aftermath of the Syrian Civil War. 

Brittany Lauren Wheeler is a moral and legal geographer based at Clark University. Her research explores the historical, contemporary, and speculative frameworks that guide the governance of mobility over time. Her dissertation focuses on compensatory practices and reparative thought as they relate to Marshallese and Chagossian islanders living in diaspora.

Get in Touch!

This event is scheduled to happen in early 2021. Check back for more details with Brittany Wheeler ( and Sarah Klosterkamp (!

AAG 2021: Grad Voices in the Lawscape Virtual Student Paper Session

Please join us for a series of student paper sessions to be held at the virtual 2021 AAG! Details TBD.